Rivery, Snowflake & Tableau

A strong data platform is a critical component in enabling a data-driven culture at your organization. Implement these three tools into your data platform to create a flow that allows you to find business critical insights faster than ever.


Data Integration

Rivery is an intuitive SaaS integration tool that consolidates all of your data from both internal and external sources (e.g., SQL, JSON, Salesforce, Facebook, Google Analytics, etc.) into a single data platform on the cloud.

It’s code free and flexible, allowing you to focus on insights and actions while we build and maintain your data pipelines.

Fully managed data consolidation tool
Snowflake computing

Cloud Platform

Rivery leverages the capabilities of the cloud, providing your organization the flexibility to automatically scale up and down based on need. Snowflake is a strategic partner for Rivery; both platforms are fully managed services on the cloud that enable rapid time to insights.

Rivery is also available in Snowflake Partner Connect, making it easier than ever to get all of your data into Snowflake.


Data Visualizations

Tableau is the leader in self-service business intelligence and data analytics, helping people see and understand their data. Tableau makes it easy to connect to data in the cloud, as users can access and combine disparate data without writing code.

Pull data through Rivery, connect to your cloud database, and start drawing actionable insights from the visualizations you create in Tableau - it’s as easy as that.

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