Our Technology Partners


Alteryx is a self-service data preparation tool. It enables anyone from business analysts with no programming skills to fully skilled IT professionals to accelerate data transformations and analyses by linking visual nodes together on a canvas for each join or transformation step.

Our team specializes in Alteryx development and uses it in many of our projects. Alteryx has developed their tool to become synonymous with "self-service data prep." They pioneered the drag-and-drop methodology to combine logic steps into workflows. Rather than writing long, confusing SQL queries or analytics routines, Alteryx provides all of that functionality through pre-configured nodes that users just drag out onto the canvas to utilize.

We have a passion for helping people adopt Alteryx. As an Alteryx re-seller, we provide enablement and training services that are specific to each new user’s business challenges to ensure maximum impact.

As an organization matures, we find that the greatest value comes from utilizing Alteryx as part of a broad strategy to drive transformational change to large scale data processes. We help our most advanced clients build and execute their entire data strategy roadmap, incorporating all of their data assets, tools, people, and processes.

Keyrus is the first and only Alteryx Global Premier Partner, and our team was awarded North American Partner of the Year at Alteryx’s Inspire 2019 conference.



Tableau is a self-service data visualization tool that allows business users to connect to any data source and rapidly create beautiful, meaningful visualizations. No coding or development experience is necessary. Tableau guides users toward visualization best practices and single-click advanced calculations.

Tableau is the market leading BI tool because its self-servicing capabilities are unparalleled. A user in Tableau Desktop has the ability to transform data that they have connected to in their personal workbook. This allows the freedom for their own custom reports. Users can manipulate field names, create custom calculations, alter data types, and group data elements. Data source creators also have the ability to create standard data sources and publish these to Tableau Server for use by others.

Keyrus won Tableau’s Emerging Partner of the Year award in the Americas in 2018.



Snowflake is a modern data warehouse as a service platform that was designed and built for analytics workloads in the cloud. Snowflake architecture is built in layers, separating storage, compute, and consumption. Every layer leverages cloud tools and features, and provides elastic scale.

Snowflake manages the entire architecture, meaning the user is not exposed to any of these layers from a maintenance perspective. The platform is accessible to the user using any web browser. From a cost perspective, the model is pay-per-use, which eliminates upfront costs. This leads to significant price savings compared to traditional data platforms.