A fully managed data integration & preparation platform on the cloud

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The Ultimate Business Intelligence Solution

Rivery is an intuitive data pipeline tool to consolidate all your data from both internal and external sources into a single data integration platform on the cloud.

Intuitive Data Transformations

Rivery allows users to orchestrate SQL-based data transformations, leveraging the capabilities of the downstream cloud database.


All your data under one roof


any size

Rivery’s auto-scalable platform is capable of managing any number of data sources and volumes.



Consolidating your data sources used to take months. Now you can add, update, and aggregate data in minutes/hours.



With a code-free solution, you’ll simplify the process for managing your data so you can focus on the insights that matter.


Lower Cost

Rivery is a fully managed, out-of-the-box solution, meaning there are no high upfront or ongoing costs.