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Keyrus is a data analytics and digital consulting company focused on strategy, performance management, and digital transformation.

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Every area of your business, powered & perfected by data 

Data enables you to work more efficiently, make well-informed decisions that increase revenue, and predict trends that keep you ahead of the curve. Use the right strategy, processes, and technology to automate manual tasks, discover hidden insights, and drive important business decisions. 



Track progress toward your big picture vision



Spreadsheets are the way of the past



Use your data to drive sales


Put the power of data in the hands of your entire company



Prove marketing value by tying efforts directly to revenue



Fine-tune your operations processes to minimize costs


Client Success Stories

Learn how companies like yours are using data to grow and make smarter business decisions


Advantage Group: Improving User Experience with a Tableau Embedded Solution

A global market research company wanted to provide a better client experience by delivering an interactive Tableau dashboard with user interface and user experience in mind.


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