Self-Service Analytics

Enable your analysts and non-technical employees to gather insights from your data without tech support. Intuitive software allows your team to move forward with data initiatives without relying on IT to run reports. Self-service analytics empower your entire team to get involved with data projects and use analytics in their day-to-day responsibilities.

Data Governance

Make business decisions with confidence that you’re using the highest quality, most accurate data. A strong data governance organization enables business and IT alignment, supports better insights, and reduces data and reporting-related risks. It also ensures that all of your users can find the data they need and easily understand it in order to draw conclusions and move your business forward.

Master Data Management

You can’t rely on your data for key business processes when it’s fragmented across multiple systems, databases, and files. Your business depends on clean, reliable data to produce the results you expect in terms of operations efficiency, customer satisfaction, financial performance, and more. A centralized location collects data from any number or type of sources, saving you time and money.

Cloud Journey

Move your analytics to the cloud to reduce costs and make it easier to scale your business. Cloud computing allows more flexibility for employee mobility and collaboration as well as unexpected growth.

Keyrus tech team solutions
Keyrus tech team solutions

Data Source Consolidation

Consolidate all of your data sources into a single platform so you can focus on insights and action. Code-free, flexible tools mean you can add, update, and aggregate data in minutes to hours instead of months. Save time preparing your data so you can spend more time on high-value work and analysis.

Business Intelligence Competency Center (BICC)

Selecting and implementing the right tools is only a small part of what makes your analytics initiatives successful. To get the best return on investment and the most value from your data, establish a center of excellence. Ensure that your staff knows who to rely on for all of their data questions, and that your organization is able to efficiently rely on data to make decisions.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Get rid of tedious, manual tasks and let your employees focus on higher value work. When you automate mundane processes, you increase efficiency and reduce cost without increasing headcount. Continue to grow and scale your company while investing resources in the areas of your business that will drive profit.


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