Marketing ROI

Use data to prove marketing value. We can automate digital marketing data collection from online sources and use intuitive, new technology to enable self-service analytics. You’ll be able to quickly measure the effect of every marketing campaign to better plan your budget, and you’ll understand who your customers are and where to find them.

Customer segmentation

Who’s buying your products? Where are your products selling well and which demographics are purchasing them? Effective customer segmentation enables you to see preferred channels for each segment and assess your strategies for those channels. Get to know your customers better to determine how to best serve them.

Supply chain optimization

Using data more effectively will optimize efficiency and reduce your production cost. With intuitive data software, you’ll see exactly which variables will optimize route to market, cost to serve, distribution, and shelf assortment.

Sales forecasting

Focus on selling instead of inefficient reporting. We can provide access to key metrics like sales volume, value of sales, and top client demographics. Use the most updated data to determine exactly who to target and when.

Net profit analysis

A net profit analysis measures and communicates specific item performance so that you can make data-supported decisions. Get a granular view of the most profitable items, categories, and vendors so you can better negotiate with vendors. Understand which promos are most effective with a breakdown of associated costs and actual profit.

Brand sentiment/image analysis

A sentiment analysis can help you answer questions like:

  • How do customers feel about my company?

  • Did that last marketing campaign we launched have any effect on how our newest product is viewed?

  • How many social media posts referred to us in the last two weeks?

Learn about customer sentiment to further optimize your marketing campaigns and brand strategy.

SaaS B2B

Implement an out-of-the-box analytics solution that integrates marketing, sales operations, and finance analysis via visual dashboards and ad-hoc data analysis.