Keyrus sales team solutions

Sales Analytics

Measure sales performance and identify your highest revenue accounts, bestselling products, and top team members. With access to key metrics like sales volume, value of sales, and top client demographics, you can use the most updated data to determine exactly who to target and when.

Sales Execution

Improve your sales team’s ability to deliver with a performance dashboard. Each team member can quickly identify priorities as they meet with accounts so they always know where to invest time and effort.

Customer Segmentation

Uncover opportunities for growth, up-selling, and cross-selling by using machine learning to segment your customers or accounts. Machine learning algorithms create more effective models than traditional methods for segmenting accounts, and they result in a more personalized customer experience.


Pricing Analysis

Predict the potential impact of a pricing strategy change before you implement it. Machine learning algorithms uncover buying patterns to see which clients and products are most susceptible to pricing changes.

Consumer Demographics

Get a more comprehensive view of your customers by conducting a consumer demographics analysis. Match products to audiences more effectively by enhancing your existing data with third-party demographics and consumer preference data.

Customer 360

Build a 360-degree view of your customer for more efficient marketing and sales efforts. Customer profiles include the relevant attributes from every phase of the customer journey, providing a strong foundation for further segmentation and more accurate marketing campaign targeting.

Next-Best-Product Recommendations

Create personalized product or action recommendations for your customers based on their past purchase history, the preferences of similar cohorts, and seasonal trends. Offer targeted incentives to likely buyers to increase spend, buying frequency, and conversions that increase sales.

Keyrus sales team solutions

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