Marketing ROI

Understand which of your marketing efforts have the largest impact on sales. Use machine learning to model the collective effect of above-the-line campaigns with below-the-line promotions to find the most efficient uses of your A&P spend.

Digital Marketing

Always know which of your campaigns resonate most with your digital audience. Consolidate your marketing data into comprehensive data dashboards show you campaign cost analysis and allow you to measure campaign effectiveness by impressions, clicks, cost, CPC, or CTR. You’ll see which campaigns had the most direct effect on sales so you can strengthen and improve your strategy.

Marketing Attribution & Buyer Journey

Your prospects don’t just interact with your brand one time before they become customers. Use machine learning to get clear insights on the journey from prospect to customer. With more insight into which marketing efforts assist most in conversions and where they fall in the buyer journey, you can make the smartest use of your resources.

Customer Personalization

Use data to better understand how your brand resonates with your audience. Self-service data dashboards will show you which campaigns and products are most effective with specific customer demographics. An advanced personalization strategy means increased revenue, stronger customer relationships, and better customer loyalty and retention.

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