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Consumer Packaged Goods and Retail

Keyrus has significant experience working with CPG companies to answer questions such as:

  • Who are your customers, really?

  • What effect is your marketing spend having on sales?

  • How can you optimize your supply chain?

  • How are your power SKUs performing compared to competitors?

  • What’s the correlation between POS demographics and sales?

  • What does the price – demand curve look like?

  • Is there a connection between sales decisions and operations? Are you losing sales as a result?



Our team helps nonprofits with questions like:

  • How effectively are you spending donor dollars?

  • How can you make fundraising efforts more effective?

  • What’s the impact of your mission on the communities you serve?

  • Donor 360: Are your donor touches synced across channels?

  • What will the next 3 years look like?

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Financial Services

We help financial services companies solve a wide variety of business problems.

  • How can you increase the efficiency of your compliance reporting?

  • Which additional services are you most likely able to upsell each customer?

  • What sales strategy are you creating for accounts?

  • Are your client portals delivering an optimal experience for your customers?

  • How do you use third-party data sets like 13F, Bloomberg, or weather data?



In tech, our team has focused on areas such as:

  • What marketing channels are most effective in bringing new leads?

  • How many qualified leads convert?

  • Where do prospects drop off during the sales cycle?

  • What is the effectiveness of your customer service operations?

  • How can you measure customer experience through web logs?

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