See Your Most Important Retail KPIs in One Dashboard

As a decision maker in the retail industry, you need fast access to all of your most important data. Sales revenue and volumes, product performance over time, and buyer demographics all give you compelling insight into the overall health of the company. However, this data is often scattered across different sources, making it difficult to see a cohesive picture.

This is an issue many of our retail clients experience, which is why we created an Executive Overview dashboard with Tableau. The dashboard shows high-level KPIs that show you overall company health, all at a glance. You can quickly see trends, year-over-year performance by product, and geographic sales performance.

The dashboard allows you to use filters and built-in performance forecasting for any combination of product, state, city, or store. This kind of insight is invaluable as you use data to drive your business decisions.

Check out the Executive Overview dashboard below or on Tableau Public.