Rivery, Snowflake & Tableau: The Perfect Data Platform

A strong data platform is a critical component in enabling a data-driven culture at your organization. If your data is currently scattered across a variety of sources, you’re probably struggling to gather and make sense of it so that you can draw valuable conclusions.

There are a variety of tools that automate this process and make it easier to gather the insights you need to make smarter business decisions. A data platform needs a tool that consolidates your data sources, a warehouse to store it, and a front-end visualization tool to help you quickly make sense of it and take action. Rivery, Snowflake, and Tableau are the perfect recipe to transform your data process.


What is Rivery?

Rivery is an integration tool that allows you to consolidate all of your data sources into a single platform on the cloud.

Consolidating your data sources can take months, but with Rivery you can add, update, and aggregate data in minutes to hours. Its scalable platform is capable of managing any number of data sources and volumes.

Unlike other data pipeline tools, Rivery is especially quick with external data sources because it has built-in connectors. Choose which data sources are most important to your business’ KPIs and automatically streamline them.

It’s a code-free, flexible tool that allows you to focus on insights and actions to help your team become more efficient.

What is Snowflake?

Now that you’ve consolidated all your data sources, you need a place to store your data.

Snowflake is a modern data warehouse platform that was designed and built for the cloud. The data warehouse-as-a-service can support all business data, whether from traditional sources or machine-generated sources.

Built in layers, it separates storage, compute, and consumption. This means you can scale up and down to support the amount of data you have, and you only pay for the amount of compute processing you use.

Snowflake manages the entire architecture, meaning you’re not exposed to any of these layers from a maintenance perspective. The platform is accessible to users using any web browser.

You can also share data with external users through Snowflake Data Share, and unlimited concurrency makes it easy to expose data in real time for an unlimited number of consumers.

Rivery is available in Snowflake Partner Connect. This means you can start loading your data into Snowflake in minutes for immediate analysis.

What is Tableau?

With the right infrastructure in place, you’re ready to start creating data visualizations and drawing insights.

Tableau is a self-service data visualization tool that allows business users to connect to any data source and rapidly create beautiful, meaningful visualizations. No coding or development experience is necessary.

Tableau is the market leading BI tool that was designed and built with the end user in mind. It allows users to effortlessly analyze and visualize data in minutes using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. This maximizes end user adoption as the key driver of organizational change.

Tableau dashboard

How do they work together?

Without the right tools in place, many organizations find their data processes are time consuming and aren’t scalable for growth. When you implement these three tools, you can completely overhaul the way you manage and leverage your data.

Rivery allows you to select and consolidate specific data that is relevant to your KPIs. Snowflake’s speed and elasticity makes it easy to manage data that can then be presented in Tableau for easy reporting and visualization.

With fast go to market, Rivery, Snowflake, and Tableau can deliver value very quickly. Implement these three tools into your data platform to create a flow that allows you to find business critical insights faster than ever.