Eliminating Manual Data Work with a SaaS Data Platform


A leading nonprofit works with governments, communities, and researchers to develop programs that advance public health and medical research. They organize a number of initiatives to create healthy communities and help people live healthier lives. 

One such initiative is a helpline that provides callers with information about nearby health treatment program options. In order to make recommendations for treatment programs, the organization captures search criteria and location information along with some demographic data. They also maintain program-focused data on treatment providers, such as the number of individuals on the waitlist and average wait time, in order to provide more thorough information.  


Prior to the engagement, all of the health treatment program information provided to callers was pieced together manually. Data sources weren’t integrated and none of their processes were automated. Staff copied metrics from Google Analytics and manually downloaded reports from Oracle. 

The organization wanted to implement a low-maintenance, cost-efficient solution that would easily scale as their user and client base increased. They sought to connect data from Five9, MySQL, and Google Analytics into a single location to draw further insights from their data. The organization also doesn’t have an IT team, so the solution needed to be code free and intuitive for non-technical people.


We built the solution using Rivery for data consolidation, Snowflake for data storage, and Tableau for visualizations. 

Rivery is a lightweight data integration tool that streamlines all data sources into a single platform on the cloud. It’s easy to configure and features automated scheduling. It also provides a fast method for getting data into Snowflake with a consistent user experience between the two SaaS platforms. 

Rivery was particularly useful in this project due to its ability to connect to an API that doesn’t have a connector, without writing any code. These connector customization options made it easy to pull data from a government website. 

Snowflake is a cloud-hosted, scalable data warehouse with no maintenance required. Rivery integrates seamlessly with Snowflake so all data sources are stored in one central location for rapid speed reporting, and users don’t have to go through the process of creating or maintaining tables in Snowflake. Snowflake is also fully managed, so it completes the end-to-end SaaS solution.

Rivery, Snowflake, and Tableau Online are all subscription-based, which would allow the organization to easily upgrade and scale as necessary. Rivery and Snowflake pair well with Tableau to provide critical insights quickly. Instead of manually piecing information together, the dashboards quickly show all of the data about each treatment center for in depth analysis. Tableau also enables the organization to create spatial dashboards to find “treatment deserts” where there aren’t a lot of treatment centers in relation to queries. 

With the solution in place, we then trained Tableau developers and other end users so that they felt comfortable and confident with the new process. 


The organization no longer has to rely on manual processes and they can perform in-depth analysis as opposed to surface level drill downs. Individuals who rely on the organization for referrals receive more accurate, in depth information, resulting in a better experience overall.